Monday, September 27, 2010

book models....

I've been up to my nose in research and writing today.... trying to make a start on that difficult first chapter of my exegesis..... I'm not someone who finds writing easy (AT ALL!) it takes me a long, looooooooong time to get anywhere (that's why I need to make a start now!) I don't know if I'm strange, but I always tend to start writing things in the middle then work outwards (and the beginning and ending of my stuff usually comes at the same time - at the very end of my time writing!)

Well, I'm commencing the the writing of my exegesis whack smack in the middle - and I'm presently trying to write a chapter on biblioclasm (and bibliophilia and bibliomania - books books and more books!). After a day spent reading/writing all about the destruction of books and libraries I needed to do something a bit more constructive and loving with books ....

So I finished off the day making a couple of book models from some of the handmade paper created the other day....

this one has a hardcover - with alphabet stamped paste-paper covers (I haven't finished 'decorating' the covers yet....), long stitched over paper-covered tapes with sections created from my handmade paper

Sharp-eyed BAO peeps will notice some familiar hand-marbled and paste papers (yes the model above is covered in leftover paste paper and the one below is wearing hand-marbled paper off-cuts from my 'learning absences' book edition...)

this one is soft cover, long-stitched over paper strips... and is my favourite. It's quite a pleasing structure to hold in the hand - the size is nice and the paper feels soft and inviting....

ahh well - it was nice to be making books after all the talk of destroying them!

** p.s. I've photographed the books on the emerging granite rock retaining wall that my dearest, wonderful-est man is creating here at sams creek..... here's an 'in progress' shot.....

Isn't my FP a clever creature? I'm looking forward to watching the wall grow - I'm sure it will be finished long before my biblio-chapter.....



  1. very nice ronnie- love the grey palette

  2. Lovely, lovely , lovely things Ronnie. I love the idea of 'model' books as well - my shelves are covered in my first attempt at sorting something out or great examples or demonstrations. Yours are lovely enough to be models plus I think!

    Also re the writing thing - I agree, its never really sequential. My notes are always these mind maps of connections and thoughts that gradually gel and form groupings, and chunks and then synthesise into arguments. I often wonder what an analytical, sequential, "if this then that' mind would be like to own!

  3. Nice books, Ronnie, lovely colours and especially nice when you're using your own papers.
    The rock wall is a huge undertaking - you're lucky to have your clever FP on hand.

  4. These are just beautiful Ronnie! I love the cycle in your books, the destruction, disintegration and creation - profound!

  5. I agree with Fiona; you have to work out the guts of something before you'll know how to lead in and out of it. My teachers always taught me to do the first and last after I've worked out *where* I want to take people.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx