Monday, April 12, 2010

learning absences... (page by page)

Remember how I promised to show more of the small book edition I created as part of Book Art Object project? No? well it was a while ago.... I posted out all my books to the other BOA participants in early March..... but I wanted to wait until absolutely everyone had their book before I posted piccies here (and one of those folk was off touring) sooooo at long last I can now share my small creation with the rest of the world.... here it is page spread by page spread..... hope you enjoy

inner covers featured paper hand marbled by your truly in a simple stone pattern on either canson or ???....
(ok I admit I don't know what the other paper was - it was a gift from my darling friend julie)

endpapers are a kozo paper - text pages are mohawk superfine

printing is archival inkjet -
accurately feeding the long middle spread through my printer was ummmm 'challenging'

middle spread features fold out page with calligraphic rendering of an excerpt from the poem
(yes the original calligraphy was also by moi
- executed free-form with a ruling pen)
layered in photoshop over background image of immature eucalypt leaves...
that I photographed in my garden here at sams creek

pamphlet bound with 2 ply hand coloured waxed linen thread

colophon page - I have a tendency to sign my work in pencil... I can't help it

inner back cover....
the stone marbled paper actually led much of the design direction of the project....
including the subsequent colour and circular motives on the paste paper covers,

the background image in the middle pages
and the choice of book cloth and thread....

Of course its not the same as holding and turning the pages of the book yourself... but....

I really enjoyed the challenge of this project - I suppose because I set myself additional parameters (I was determined to create a rather traditionally bound booklet - and to undertake most of the processes, such as marbling etc. myself) but as always I'm filled with self doubt (especially now that I'm receiving such delights from the other project participants!) One day I'll be filled with self confidence (oh sure!) until then.....

.... its back to head down on my MFA booky work ...


  1. Thankyou, Ronnie. Detailed explanations always add a little extra "zip" I think.
    And I'll tell you more about mine when they've all been received. (I gave Sara her copy on Friday)

    Hopefully, all will be at their new homes this week.

  2. aaaaaahcckk!! how's this - not five minutes after I posted the 'can't wait' comment my long suffering partner rolled in with the mail for the day....and there amongst the bills and other undesirables was your package di!

    and its a total delight!

    I love the presentation in the pretty little bag (looking very celestial too I must say...)

    it's so whimsical and sweet - I love it!

  3. Thankyou, Ronnie. I rather like "whimsical."

    When I saw your paste papers and marbling I thought how similar the fabric of my sachet looked.
    I'll tell more about that when everyone has her book.

  4. thanks for the post Ronnie - lovely to read more about your beautiful book. made go and pick it up again!

  5. This is a really lovely post, ronnie, especially for those who weren't lucky enough to receive one! What they can't really pick up from the screen is your amazing craftmanship. Truly inspiring!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx