Wednesday, March 16, 2016

take note...

You've perhaps noticed that I haven't been around here lately

I've been up to my eyeballs (and then some) in life and work

(this is my newest promo head shot --- looking up! ) 

the life part, while interesting to me, is not overly blog-worthy

but the WORK part --- ahhhhhh well.... 

This weekend I will be part of the Noted Festival in Canberra sharing 
#LookUP - a collaborative work with poet Melinda Smith

 #LookUP started its life as my daily moment of sky time which I shared right here every day of 2015.... the project then grew into something else when Melinda wrote the most exquisite words in response to each  (and I can say that because I have read each of her jewel-like responsive micro poems)... And THEN the project took another turn when we came together to discuss what might become of our pictures and words... a published book? an artist's book? e-book? self-published affair? a poetry reading? a slideshow? (actually Melinda DID do a poetry reading/slideshow from the work last year, even before the year ended -- called 'all the seventeenths' she presented the picture/poem combination from the 17th day of each month... it was delicious and buckets of fun) or maybe we could do something else? 
As we bounced ideas off each other we soon both came to fall in love with the idea of individual postcards (perhaps of our favourite pieces?) -- and before long that idea rapidly grew into a series that contained a postcard for every. single. pic/poem combo.  
oh myyyyyyyyyy!

(here's the very last cards we've printed -- and its my favourite -- 'intermission' from the halfway mark in the look up project

But that didn't seem enough for us 
no --- we both liked the idea of projecting the works, 
and one of us (I'm not going to say who.... ) 
got the bright idea of projecting the works onto the ceiling (someone shoot me!) 

for the past few months I've been preparing 366 little pieces of individual artwork 
(and painfully loading each one to the press... shoot me!)
as well as making a projection piece
(shoot me!)

I think the hard work has been worth it....

(I have spent more time than I care to mention staring at computer monitors over the past few months)

Both the #LookUP projection piece and #LookUP postcard series 
will premiere this Sunday, March 20 at Gorman House, Canberra 
as part of the Noted Festival 
and Noted Independent Publishers Fair. 

If you are in Canberra - be sure to drop by and say hello

(first tech trials of #LookUP --- what a challenge each little bit of this has been)

 #LookUP and look out for cobwebs! 
this is the final home trial before the on site tech trials start.... 
at least I can leave home knowing that my 'interesting' rig for holding a projector in a vertical position works a treat

We hope that #LookUP will appear at a few other spaces/events this year
(very soon we are creating a little online space to showcase our #LookUP postcard series) 
in the meantime you can follow the news on our dedicated IG account