Friday, October 1, 2010

permaculture and me....

ON Monday morning, bright and early, I'm off to commence the Permaculture Design Certificate held at 'The Crossing' (out the back of Bermagui - 20kms east of Sams Creek). The 72hr course will be over the next 13 days (with a day off in between.... phew!) and lead by local permaculture teacher John Champagne. I'm really excited and nervous that I'll FINALLY be able to undertake the course.

I've been interested in self-sufficiency since the 1970s and 1980s (yep - whilst I was still in primary and high school).... indeed I actually spent some of my hard-earned babysitting money on this, still treasured volume....

I bought my first book specifically on permaculture in the early 1990s (Permaculture One by Bill Mollison) and have been reading and collecting different books on and around the topic ever since....

In 2002 I bought David Holmgren's spectacular text- 'Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond sustainability'  hot off the press...  

(look I even managed to get an autographed copy....
that's because David's mother, poet and environmental activist, Venie Holmgren calls this region home!)

I think David's book is simply the best and most far-reaching text to explain the philosophy of permaculture in practical and far-reaching terms.... I love it.


Despite my swelling collection of books and long standing interest in the topic.... I've never had the chance to get to a course, to meet with others passionate about permaculture, to benefit from their experience, and to spend time focused on the topic.... in short  - to really delve deeply into all aspects of permaculture - soooooo I'm terribly excited about the coming days!....

I also expect to be rather quiet on the blogging front during my looooong days.....

see you on the flip side eh?!



  1. Go, Ronnie!These days, more people are coming 'round and not quite so many think it's hippie-ism. :-)

  2. Dinahmow beat me to it with "Go Ronnie!" but I share the sentiment. Where DO you find the energy..? It sounds great and I look forward to finding out how you get on when you have the leisure to exchange spade for pen!

  3. That's great Ronnie! There's nothing better than finally devoting time to something you've been longing to do for ages. Have to admit I checked with wikipedia to be sure that permaculture is what I thought it is (it was - but I'm just a city girl, and i know my limits). I was interested to read that it was scientifically developed here in Australia, which makes sense when you consider our particular situation cf the UK and Europe. Enjoy yourself!

  4. amanda - you've reminded me of a common (bad) habit of mine..... I tend to assume if I know a little about something - well everyone does! (which in turn stems from a place of humility rather than snobbery)

    I will backtrack and explain a little more about permaculture as I go thru the certificate course... I just hope I don't bore all my arty friends stoopid with all my ooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing about all things farm and garden and permaculturish!

  5. I'm pretty sure we'll love to hear some of what you learn. How you fit this into your already jam packed life I can't imagine, but you obviously thrive on challenges and this is such a good one. Go Ronnie!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx