Saturday, September 19, 2009

packers award

Today I travelled all the way up to Nowra (and back - that's 6hrs driving - huff-puff - goodness I'm tired) to give an artist's talk at the Meroogal Womens Art Award at the Shoalhaven City Art Centre

And whilst I was there Meroogal Curator, Barbara Konkolowicz, presented me with the Packer's Prize to go with my Judge's Commendation - how nice! (even nicer when I got home and opened up the envelope! thanks packers and gallery supporters!)

I don't know about you, but public speaking always leaves me lost for words - so to make things even more stress-free (!?!) when it was my turn to discuss my work, the folk of Meroogal wheeled in the video camera and boom - agghhhh!!!!! I had done all my preparation in the car whilst driving up to Nowra - and given that EJ came with me, that preparation was regularly interrupted with the need to give a nice rendition of 'old macdonalds' I had visions that my talk would end up becoming in a general sing-along - 'eee-i-ee-i-oo'

ahhhh well - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - or so I'm told....

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