Sunday, September 20, 2009

binding issues...

Since July I've been binding a very, very, very loooong coptic 'book' and the night before last I finally finished it - wheeeee!

The book is 2.4m long (or 8ft for all you imperialists!) and I used almost 100m of waxed linen thread to bind the un-counted sections together - each section in the book is a single page from Colliers encyclopaedias that has been folded and cut down into 16 leaves - the work contains approx 5-6 volumes from the set of encyclopaedias - so it's a rather heavy and unwieldy 'book'.

From the outset I had in mind that the piece may become part of a installation or exhibition that also contains my book stacks or burnt book images - as the work grew - I started to see how the piece could be arranged in seemingly limitless ways:

Laid out straight - the extreme length can be appreciated - so too can my careful arrangement of tones of the spine pages...

The piece can be easily rolled up to form a spiral - and looks just lovely (and its 'booky' nature is actually quite concealed like this)

but it's all the possibilites of freeform arrangements that has me really excited!

ooooh what fun!


  1. Hey Ronnie,that is a very impressive piece of coptic binding. Very inspiring!
    cheers jane a

  2. This looks fantastic Rhonda...what a great I love the way you have photographed it!
    Just found you listed near myself on the artist career bloggers directory. Shall look forward to seeing more of your Blog and work!

  3. thanks for the nice words sophie - and thanks for alerting me to the artist career blog bit - I didn't know about the bloggers directory (sounds silly doesn't it! I had word from artistcareer that my blog was going to be somewhere, doing something.... and then promptly forgot about it!) I'll have to go check out all the other arty bloggy type folk like yourself parked over at artist career


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx