Sunday, August 30, 2009

fire, fire burning bright...

I've been a bit distracted over the past week – my modem died on monday night - so I'm still offline at my place (I'm working on a borrowed computer... thanks oh brother of mine!)

Then later in the week – this was what was going on just over the hill from our place....

whoa mumma!

I took this pic on Thurs night, as the flames descended from the mountain....

Gulaga is an ancient (and of course long extinct) volcano... the vision of flames spewing down the mountain was just freaky, it gave a glimpse of the old girl's past life.

On Friday the fire ringed the base of the mountain – moving towards the communities in Dignams Creek (one creek and one hill over from us here at Sams Creek) and all the farms between there and the small dual townships of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba to the north. Yesterday (Saturday) the winds really picked up and pressed the fires in my direction and toward my dearest friends living in the creek – all of Dignams Creek was advised to evacuate – then later in the afternoon the winds shifted as a storm moved in and the threat eased for the evening. Today (Sunday) the winds are still coming from the SW – so today the pressure will hopefully ease in the creek and unfortunately intensify in the northern end.

It's somewhat bizarre that I'm witnessing and experiencing the threat of fire up close and personal given the current nature and focus of my arty bits.... (and no, before you pose the question, my burning books of the past post had absolutely nothing to do with this monster blaze!)

It's going to be a very long, hard fire season.


  1. Oh, Ronnie! My thoughts are with you. We have friends in Eden and they have assorted friends and family all over that area.
    I'll watch ABC news tonight and see how things are. Take care.

  2. Hi Ronnie, take care of yourself... that looks frightening. I hope the wind changes or the rain comes or the RFS get on top of it soon! I'll be thinking of you and your friends locally, Sara x

  3. Quite horrifying that it's starting so soon, and there seem to be fires all over the place. Your photos looked too close for comfort. We are surrounded by bush on the NSW Central Coast and I've been eyeing off the gums in our garden. I love them but what a hazard they can be. All the best for a long hot but safe summer.

  4. thanks folks for kind thoughts - they must be working!

    As expected, yesterday was a hairy day for the townships of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba - but all is still ok (the weather gods have been on our side). The fires are still burning, but not in a threatening manner! Further up the coast, around Ulladulla (and more) there are much larger fire problems....

    I've said it already - its going to be a nasty summer


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx