Monday, August 10, 2009

beyond words....

I'm speechless at present - stunned into a muteness that is not common for me

Yesterday I received an email from East Gippsland Art Gallery to inform me that one of my works in the inaugural book arts award 'Books....beyond words' received a judges commendation. My initial reaction, I've got to tell you, was....

'ummmm, I think they've sent this email to the wrong person'.....

so I reread the note - and the email was not only addressed in my name, but it also mentioned the artwork by name - so naturally my next reaction was....

'ummmm, I think the organisers have misread the judges notes'....

It wasn't until later today, after reading the blog post of Robert Heather (one of the judges of the award) that I accepted that maybe it wasn't some embarrassing administrative mishap!

Also today I got to hear a first hand report from opening night - in another weird moment of serendipity an arty friend just happened to stumble into the opening night festivities in Bairnsdale... and lest you think 'yeah....and?' I'll remind you - Bairnsdale is some 500kms to our south.... Bless her she brought me home a catalogue of the exhibition.... it's quite a lovely object - each of the 89 selected books is printed in colour on a double sided heavy card - which is then held together by an oversized split ring (of sorts)... what a nice keep sake

As I flicked through the pages of gorgeous works I felt ever more honoured that my work was included in the exhibition...

I'm feeling very humble at the moment (and quietly quite pleased with the world)

(here's a link to my flickr page of the piece 'herstory')


  1. Congratulations Ronnie! Well deserved. I followed the link to Robert's review - sounded like he had fun. I'll get a copy of the catalogue now I've seen it: I wasn't sure I wanted to pay $10 for the priviledge but it sounds great. Well done! Sara x

  2. Hi Ronnie, congratulations, I'm getting a catalogue too. I've just awarded you the Karma Friends Award on my latest blog post. You can pass the award on or not, whichever you like, but I know many people just aren't into awards. I think it's an opportunity to tell my readers about blogs I enjoy, and yours is one of them.

  3. thanks folks - I appreciate your kind words and thoughts - we artists do spend the majority of our time working alone in the studio... most of my work remains in my drawers after its finished so their main audience are the silverfish (who, I must add, ARE very appreciative) - its nice to have others find something in the work that might be worthy of attention (and always surprising to me!)

    SO I'll have to look into spreading the love carol! thanks!

  4. I said my piece on the other blog, but it's worth reiterating.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx