Tuesday, August 26, 2014

knit one, save one

 all autumn and winter
sitting and watching beside hockey and soccer fields 
and athletics tracks and swimming pools
travelling with children on trains and ferries and buses
or worrying away on the hard seats of hospital waiting rooms

I've been knitting, knitting, knitting

and I've finally finished a lovely big, warm, woolly jumper for my farming man...

but its more than just a practical addition to his scant wardrobe

this project is a record of a cold season of parental duty
(of the heavy duty kind)

complete with obligatory wonky bits...

 ('perfect is overrated' is my new mantra!)

I trust it will keep the farmer twice as warm for twice as long
as it contains a whole lotta love in every knitted stitch

(that's the real magic of handmade things after all...)



  1. Looks great Ronnie, and I'm sure Farmer Phil will really appreciate it, especially as we seem to be getting more cold weather. Well done, you!

  2. a fine, fine thing to make for your love. surely, using the "wasted" time that way gives many gifts.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx