Friday, July 4, 2014

treasures from the fair...

Rotary book fair

winter edition

and my eyes are tuning in for a different booky treasure

(I'm no longer chasing the sets of encyclopaedias
that formed the base material of my MFA project work
hey ya'll - I still have a shed worth left!)

Now my eye is being drawn toward the less likely looking creatures
and it takes me a while to check through a book stacks

peeling off musty dust jackets to see what's underneath
(sometimes the least promising titles yield the BEST hard covers

check this out

underneath this...

is this...

 and this dust jacket...

 is hiding this sweet printed design...

behind this rather unpromising dust jacket ...


is this embossed treasure...


(who'dda thunk it!)

My favourite find of today however was this rather unpromising creature...

just check out the printed design on the covers will you!

too cool for school!

soooooooooo - are you thinking what I'm thinking?

that's right

wouldn't every single one of these unwanted tomes

make stunning new covers for 

REMADE journals from RECLAIMED books

(wellllllll - that's the plan - I can't wait to rip into that ratty copy of 'Aussie English'!)

stay tuned for the results

Also at the fair....

retro word games

has anyone heard of TUF-ABET?

inside the box are oodles of coloured letter cubes...

or how about scrabble anagram?

with piles of letter tiles...

mmmm mmmmm mmmmm

I don't know what will become of these
but there was *no way* I could leave them on the table wot!

 all in all I call it a good day out



  1. i love the aussie english book, and that debossed cover is terrific. but oh, this year it took me forever to hear australian. i just got used to it and i returned to north country american (which sounds like canadian, eh?)

  2. Wow, delish book covers! But what I really lust after are those coloured letters from Tuff-abet! Who knew?

  3. Oh happy days! All this beautiful book covers and letters. Sigh of great happiness.

  4. I would call it a great day out! Just the sort of treasure I usually look for - especially those book covers!


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