Monday, December 9, 2013

weekend wonderfulness...

last saturday
cobargo's weekly laneway markets...

grew into a mammoth whole town market wonderland
with stalls of local flavour and our own town santa

(santa dave is a legend -- every day during december up to christmas day
dave is out and about in the suit spreading christmas cheer
throughout the townand at night
you can visit his house on the hill and be charmed by his christmas tableau...)

the markets were indeed ENORMOUS - soooo many people
(I think the whole valley turned out)

the drawing group were creating free portrait
(yes --- FREE -AND stunning!)

EJ had an impromptu tin whistle lesson from the Cobargo Folk Festival crew

I developed serious tin whistle envy...    


next day we dropped over to Bermagui Blue Pool
(a beautiful saltwater ocean pool built into the rocks and filled by the Pacific Ocean)

ummmmmm I think it's a weeeeeee bit too rough even for the mini fishies!


dang-fangle it -- but I'm (we're) loving the new, improved non-study life!



  1. True wonderfulness in summer Christmas wonderland!

  2. Looks just wonderful, Ronnie! So pleased you can just enjoy it with no thoughts of papers to write, study to do. Have a great Christmas with your little fishies! xox

  3. salt water pools? wow! what a lovely weekend. seems like you're walking on air!

  4. I didn't know Cobargo had a weekly lane way market. How cool? Was lovely catching up with you at the Bega market today, Ronnie:) x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx