Friday, December 6, 2013

eco-dressing loveliness...

remember this?

the stunning, amazing, glorious gift of eco-colour loveliness from

the stunning, amazing, glorious India Flint?

(this might jog your memory


given that I have more chestage than the original dress allowed for
and I have a small girl child with the perfect colouring 
and spirit to inhabit a dress of distinction
I chopped and nipped and tucked the original

added black bias-binding around the neck and armholes

and a bit of left over black linen to the hemline
(from a skirt that needed shortening to match my short stature!)

then we plonked a big satin ribbon around it all 
(EJ likes black satin ribbon)

 and now its a dress of dreams for a small creek gal

AND its goes perfectly with EJ's Kiandra Akubra
(that's her special 'cowgirl' hat) 
some little girls ask for Barbies and pink dresses -
our EJ asked for an Akubra for her birthday earlier in the year...

I think she's the perfect embodiment of a wood sprite in her magical dress

(and so does she)

ooooo and I have left overs for another special project too


I'm feeling grateful for the blog-o-sphere today

looksee what I recently received in the post from the ever-so-talented Roz...
(after the parcel seemingly took a detour around Antarctica)

its a 'pair' of specially commissioned, one-of-a kind
 silver earrings etched with personally significant symbols

these are my 'thank-god-I've-finished-all-that-study'
celebration earrings
and when I don them I feel all jingley happy

(and something of a special sprite myself)

thank you Roz

thank you India



  1. From one talent another bursts ... amazing work Ronnie.

  2. the 'amazing' bit is the alchemy --- which I'm grateful to be able to partake in (albeit in the smallest ways)

  3. brilliant. i love it when folks run with scissors and don't trip!

  4. This whole post makes me so darn flippin' HAPPY!
    Joy to dresses ...
    but 'specially, joy to woofies [kelpies aforementioned] who know a good thing when they see it!!

  5. Just fabulous Ronnie - love it all!,

  6. I've got to admit that my first thought was along the lines of "O!M!G! Ronnie's cutting up an India Flint original!!! Has she lost all her marbles?!!!" But seeing your little sprite in her most lovely of dresses has me grinning from ear to ear as she no doubt does while wearing it.

    Doing a happy dance while yelling Bravo Ronnie!

  7. Wow! love the black vcontrast and those earrings by Roz! Wouldn't it be fabulous to see India & Roz hold a workshop here in NSW one day!

  8. the two women at sam's creek are dressing mighty pretty right now! congratulations both!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx