Friday, November 9, 2012

to market - to market...

to Bega - to Bega
to shop I must go

once a fortnight is SCPA markets day in the park

today there was a bonus display of art from waste materials made by local school kiddies
(oh what fun!) 

always there are small stalls with yummy fresh seasonal, local fruit and veg, 
organic meat, honey, olives and preserves, delish coffee,
seeds and seedlings, goats milk soap, fibre, leather goods...

all local (no plastic-fantastic market crap)

this was sara's first market with her yummo vege and salad offerings

oh and occasionally (like today) there is spontaneous music and merriment 
(that's actually our RADO in full voice.... 
belting out a version of 'psycho killer'.... hee he heee )

ahhhhhh all this makes the trek to Bega almost bearable ;~)

yee har!



  1. Lovely markety photos, Ronnie! Gorgeous stuff and gorgeous colours.

  2. Looks like so much fun any very satisfying.


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