Thursday, November 8, 2012


This week my island-nation stopped for the running of the Melbourne Cup 
-- it seems everyone's thoughts were on bookmaking

I bet my efforts have yielded a better dividend than most punters
(welllll at least I've still got a smile on my face!)

 I have made a very big start on one of my promised BAO editions

This week I've printed, penned, collated and bound 
12 small books and 2 larger artists proofs for 
'Carpe Diem'...

The 12 little volumes still need to be cased in...

...but I'm on the home straight now!

I've got a few more things to do after the books are completed
 before this puppy is ready to post out to fellow BAO folk
so you'll all have to be patient before the final reveal

ahhhhhh its nice to be making some books again....




  1. I know I can't be, but I'm almost as happy as you to think you are making books again! Yippee for the world!

  2. This is exciting ronnie. Your little snippets look fantastic and make me want to see more.

  3. i too have been making books
    but a good deal scruffier than yours
    - left one standing in the dregs of a dyepot yesterday
    wil be curious to see how much of the ebbing tide it has soaked up overnight

  4. at the moment they are neat.... but it can all go pear-shaped when I start to case-in....

    (I think my next BAO edition will be almost the opposite of these - I've got a very messy set of books in mind)

  5. You tease, Ronnie!
    Ha, ha, the "bookmaking" pun never even occurred to me - very funny.

  6. and they will be PERFECT at the end!
    the snippet of your calligraphy is gloriously free and fluid: gorgeous!!!

  7. Of course they'll be great, Ronnie. Lovely to see you making books again, I think I'm still a long way off getting back to it but maybe, one day.

  8. The snippet of calligraphy has completely captured my heart - how beautifully the words flow...looking forward to seeing more!
    It always feels wonderful to get back to doing something you love - enjoy...


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx