Saturday, July 7, 2012


I've just returned home from my sturt teaching stint 
here are a few snaps of arty bits around the school 


most of the time I was too busy, or too tired, 
or it was too late or too early (eg too dark) to get pics

I loved the bearded irises in garden beds everywhere...

and the walkway to sturt gallery was a delight 
(as were the crafted treasures inside!)


time flew by and before we knew it -
 it was time to show off our handiwork & skidaddle for home...

here's a peek at our informal show on the last day...

check out the amazing work of some very hard working 
and totally delightful students....



 ps - highlights of the week included ...

* the yummy food on offer every meal 
(yumbo scrumbo vegetarian dishes!)

* terrific company of fellow tutors staying on campus - a diverse bunch of arty-crafty folk 
who were AMAZINGLY talented & just delightful to chat with 
(hugs to ALL - esp tracey, caren and suzanne) 

* the diverse & interesting bunch of students trying their hands 
(and hearts and minds) on new things...
big thanks to my mob
(T & C & G & R) for their generosity of spirit

* Dale and Mark from Sturt - who are tireless workers 
& passionate advocates for craft and education -- and soooooooo organised!

if you get the chance to attend Sturt 
(as a student or tutor) 
I've got two words of advice



  1. Sturt is one of the most beautiful places to be ... at any time. I am so glad you have enjoyed this experience Ronnie!

  2. Looks like it was a great place ronnie and your classes were terrific. Hope it wasn't too cold - I'm freezing up here in Brisbane, don't know that I could cope with Sturt in winter!

  3. it's a splendid place to be...especially when encampled in one of those sweet cottages.

    those iris make rather nice marks on paper, by the way.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx