Monday, July 9, 2012


What better way to spend a be-ut-ee-ful winter's day than turning out to support the very first Bega Cash Mob's first public mobbing... (that's what I've been up to this morning)

what's a cash mob did you say?

welllllllll this how one of the first cash mobs (from the US-of-A)  explains it:

"The general idea is to encourage people to go into small, local businesses and spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus." 

(read more on the blog of one of the first cash mobs)

I accidentally heard about this first planned local mobbing via fb (as you do....) and thought

YES INDEEDY!!!! I'll be in that!

(ps here's where you can find the Bega Cash Mob fb page for all you fb peeps)

sooooo at 11am this morning a band of passionate (if slightly chilled) locals gathered in Ayers Walkway ready to mob a selected small Bega business - and here's what a mobbing looks like in progress.....

..... lots of folk lined up at the cash register with lots of small purchases --- 

a win-win situation for all

It was a small action that cost very little individually yet collectively makes a large statement about the sort of society we want... one where small businesses thrive and one where our money is kept circulating around our small towns for as looooooong as possible....

Yay to Marianna of Candelo Books (our local independent bookseller) for bringing this to the Bega Valley

viva la (local) revolution!



  1. This is a brilliant idea, I think it is needed up the road @ Milton/Ulladulla. Regards meagan

  2. Hear, hear!A great idea ... support the "Mom & Pop stores"!

  3. It was lots of fun, wasn't it? So lovely to chat with you today. I wanted to get more chatting in but then it was all a rush and I didn't get to get back to you:( Looking forward to learning how to play the uke:) xx

  4. a mobbing.. what a great idea and looks like fun.. and a business really loves it too I am sure.

  5. Brilliant Ronnie...
    cash stimulus... yes... small business...yes. Local!
    Great that the bookstore got that up... more need like this for sure!
    HAve a great week!

  6. Thanks for introducing us to the idea of mobbing Ronnie - as things get tougher and tighter in small towns we need to support our locals even more.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx