Saturday, October 8, 2011

more things lugged home....

Also in my bags returning from Impact 7 along with many gifts

was a small collection of art goodies to experiment with for my forthcoming projects...

paper samples

from Magnani papers

paper samples from Awagami 


(mmmm washi, kozo, gampi and more....)

more paper samples

(Revere.. is subsection of Magnani - I think.....)

non-toxic water based printmaking ink from Akua

(I'm hoping to experiment with a colourless base
and add ground pigments/ochres from around my creek home... this a long term project...)

and of course all the goodies from beautiful silks

including (L-R) some silk taffeta, tussah silk and 'nun's cloth' - a wool cloth,
all of which I'll be trialling to see if I can make what I'm attempting to create!

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you live a looooooong way from the arty shops (heck ANY shops) is getting supplies! 

I'm always on the look out for where to find good paper and bookbinding supplies as well as non-toxic/ethically produced art materials that can be sent to me here at the creek.... For a couple of decades I've relied on the lovely folk at Wills Quills for a solid proportion of my paper and calligraphic goodies (but the shop has been changing its focus over the past few years.... less art supplies, more wedding stationery... sigh).

Sooooo I'm very keen to find where I can get STUFF! - if any of you out there in blogland know where to source great (natural, non-toxic, ethically manufactured) arty supplies that can be posted to me - I'd love to hear from you!  

p.s. I'm currently trying to work my way out of my current funk.... 
I usually don't talk about personal things... like illness or depression or monumental setbacks or such either in here or indeed anywhere.... I generally keep more to myself than I ever share (even when I offer a blizzard of posts!).... but then it struck me - if folk only talk about the light and fluffy and nice stuff, well it gives a somewhat skewed view of things don't you think? mind you I've noticed that whenever I get all D&M and opinionated in blogland few folk are game to add their voice! (and I've also noticed that the light and fluffy blog folk tend to gather the most admirers...) 

ahhh well... I can only keep it real and trust that my occasional opinionated or D&M post doesn't scare off the party crowd... thanks all for hanging in there....



  1. Hi Ronnie - lovely take-home reminders of the trip and lots of potential in them all. I guess we all try to work out which bits we share in the ether world; and I agree it sometimes doesn't hurt to let folk know that things aren't going swimmingly, because that's the way life goes. On the other hand I have a weird response to folk who only ever blog woe is me and then seem to feed off all the 'love' that gets sent their way in an odd sort of manner. But I do appreciate those we connect with in blogging land letting us know that this is a down time for them...hope you start to climb up and out soon and continue to enjoy the renewal of spring.

  2. Far from supplies...oh yeah! We know that problem. Add the freight and take out a second mortgage.
    Local stores (only 2) don't carry a huge range and I get very cross at the way some people treat the paper stack.If it were MY shop I'd keep the sticky, bendy fingers off the paper. How? Bull whip is good!
    No artist is going to pay full price for a sheet of paper that has thumb marks and tatty corners.
    Akua have good reports in USA and Awagami products are beautiful. But Melbourne Etching has a high mark-up, plus freight. I'm going to place an order direct with Awagami this year.

  3. I talked to the lovely lady from awagami and asked about where I could buy the paper (like direct from the source...) she kept pointing me to MES as the sole aussie supplier.....grrrrrrr

    and I'm reminded (again) of the conversation I recently had with a great calligraphy mate of mine from sydney (we were lamenting the lack of supplies of many favourite papers) I suggested what we arty folk need is a sort of buying/ supply co-op ..... hmmmmm something to think about.....

  4. Hi Ronnie,
    I understand where you're coming from...the trouble with blogs is that you either tell the world everything that's going on in your life ( I'm not too keen on this variety ) or you present to the world a particular self, an edited self. But the trouble with this latter type is that you're restricted: you must continue to present the public identity, regardless of how you feel.
    I enjoy bloggers who go against the grain, or break out of what you expect of them, and I much prefer to read a blogger who's prepared to say something uncomfortable or irregular at the risk of their popularity.
    I'd even prefer to know a blogger has shut their blog down or put it on hold because they're pursuing their life, rather than pretending things are the same as ever, and keeping the posts going out of a false sense of obligation.
    I've had similar second-thoughts myself. It's not that I want to 'bleed' in public, but I may want to jump out of my stereotype and trust that whoever may really be interested, may keep following, because they've seen a more real me.
    It's not an easy issue. I've tried to stretch the boundaries of my own blog, while keeping it aesthetically agreeable.
    I love your interest in paper, by the way. I have none of the knowledge you have, but paper has always been one of those elements in life that I've found compelling.
    Blogging is all a bit abstract, and for anyone creative, it can be like you're trying to be your own agent, as well as yourself.

  5. Re Supplies:

    I use a printing ink (on the rare occasion that I do any printmaking!) that is oil based but that you can wash up in soapy water - it's AMAZING!!! To me that is environ friendly because there is no need for turps.They are called Caligo Safe Wash inks; have you heard of/used them?

  6. Me again, Ronnie...I've been getting updates from this place for ages now. It's not local, but they do have quite a lot of literature and some things worth following

  7. thanks for the links and advice girls! no I haven't used/heard of caligo abigail... will have to do more research!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx