Monday, October 31, 2011

an art gesture a day...

Over the next 30 days 
(starting tomorrow -  the first day of November) 
I'm setting myself a small challenge
(no obligation, no guilt, no pressure)

I'm going to try to complete a small arty something each day

no, not Big and Important Artwork using
Big and Important art materials for a Big and Important art event
(although I DO have one of those I'm supposed to be thinking/doing right now.....)

but a little something....

(an arty gesture of sorts)

using whatever things I may have at hand

just for me...

just because....

and then I'll post the pic here every day

(I think it will be fun to do something FUN for a few moments each day... 
I've been up to my eyebrows in heavy duty reading & writing & ruminating over the previous months... 
I'll share something about that in the coming while.... 
expect a few verbous posts about copyright, 'on being a girlie arteest in the bush' and similar musings)



  1. OOh I really, really love this idea! I will look forward to seeing what you make each day! x

  2. A nice plan Ronnie- something little, something creative something beautiful - we can all do with that every day! I look forward to following...

  3. well as long as you arrange your cereal nicely in the bowl at breakfast you'll be off to a splendid start :>)

  4. thanks all for your kind support of a simple idea

    what a good idea fiona - perhaps others would like to do something similar? (I'm not very good at formal invitations to participate - but consider this my informal one!)

    ps - my kidlets are into artfully arranging the sultanas on top of their weetbix... maybe I should take a piccie of their efforts for you india (hee hee hee)

  5. Grrrreat idea!
    Waiting anxiously to see the results, while up here I am taking similar daily arty breaks...................

  6. Hey Ronnie, great idea - I bet you were thinking you didn't have enough on your plate already! ;) I look forward to the photos, you mad woman, you... (speaking from one to another)

  7. Hi Ronnie,

    That IS a fabulous idea! I look forward to yours...and hope to do the same. To re-introduce myself...I talked to you at Impact...about Simryn Gill's paper boats

  8. ahoy there SG! wasn't Impact just madness?!

    I'm still recovering (in fact - this little idea to 'do' a small arty something each day is a direct result of my impact conference and exegesis overload..... )lemme know if/when/where you might be sharing what small arty offering you may end up making/doing won't you!

  9. That last comment was meant to be from me (Penny), not Synergy Gallery. I hope to put images of my small arty offerings on

  10. Okay and for December Ronnie the kiddly winks can create their own daily artybits and you can include them here. It would be lovely to see the chips off the old (young really) block.

    Fine idea yours!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx