Friday, April 1, 2011


I've just realised tonight the Manly Library Artists' Books Award opens..... stooopid me! my older work serpens volumen - arcus pluvius (the rainbow serpent book) SHOULD be up there doing it's best to look attractive to the judges... (go little snake book!)

even though the piece is currently (hopefully) being tenderly fondled by all-comers... I was scratching my head trying to figure out why my rather ancient blog post about the piece was suddenly attracting so much interest (WTF?) so (I admit it) - I googled...... only to find that my wee book had suddenly gone viral in tumblr.....

I found my snake book here and here and here and here and.... well you get the idea .....



(if only I could harness that tumblr love and send it off to the Manly Library
right... about.... now!.....
at least most tumblrs were doing the link-love.... so that's my consolation prize)



  1. How lovely! Congratulations! At first I thought you were saying that your work "should" be there (but you forgot to send it!!) so this is much better!!!

    I'm curious what stats you use to keep an eye on these things?

  2. the SHOULD was a small indication of my ineptitude at getting anything anywhere on time... and aust post's tendency to stuff.... I'm just guessing all is well - as I have no real way of telling!

  3. Intriguing snake book. I've just seen it on Tumblr..... 813 notes!!! It is certainly attracting a LOT of attention!

  4. I've got to say - I mostly find the whole tumblr thing (like the whole twitter thing... oh and almost all of commercial tv) rather puzzling....

  5. I love looking at tumblr but I find it puzzling too. Tempting but just one more thing for me to allow to fall behind. So pleased to see serpens volumen there and getting so many responses. Well done on getting it to Manly on time.

  6. and so much more beautiful than biological viruses...

  7. Wow you are part of bookshelf porn! How flattering, I've seen that page before - someone tweeted about. Your book is amazing. You must have the patience of saint to sew that :-)


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx