Wednesday, April 20, 2011

life on the farm...

what our days look like now...

more pics and words here...



  1. Busy, busy, busy... but how could you not just love those gorgeous cows.

  2. I love what I see and despite being a city girl, I appreciate, admire and respect the dedication, energy and love required for such mission. And what an amazing environment and stage for the children to grow and develop... Congratulations to all of you for such productive days/lives!

  3. Hi Ronnie, looks like hard but rewarding and fulfilling work. Great to see the kids so involved and it must be gorgeous to have the calves to look after. Hope its coming together business wise as well. Go well F

  4. Fabulous pics Ronnie.
    I also visited your wonderful bookroom blog.... I cant wait to hear all about the opening in October...!
    So when do you get everything done?
    Farm, family, permaculture garden, setting up bookroom, online productivity, study... artistic production..
    Yep...Im impressed!
    Happy easter!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx