Sunday, June 28, 2009

books.... beyond words

I was so busy getting ready for uni that I didn't get time to share the news of my work's selection for 'Books.... Beyond Words' - at East Gippsland Art Gallery - 8 August – 1 September 2009

I was delighted to receive the emailed notification - and then I was a tad confused... I had entered 2 works for possible inclusion in the award/exhibition.... but the note I received didn't indicate which one had made it through the initial selection process....

was it my very large piece from the end of 2007 'herstory'?

(this is a snippet of the piece - in real life it is more than 4m wide!.... you might notice I also use a snippet for my blogspot banner)

or had one of my most recent works - 'verbatim'.... a 'carved' 2 volume dictionary - been selected?

welllllllll..... it turns out BOTH pieces are shortlisted for the award

how nice is that!

here's the spiel from the gallery's website....

'Books ... beyond words aims to showcase excellence in expression, innovation in concept and in the use of materials in contemporary artists' books as well as pushing the boundaries of the definition of ‘book' and exploring it as sculptural form.'

so if you are travelling past Bairnsdale in August - I suggest you check it out (and drop me a line how it looked - as usual, I won't get a chance to see it)


  1. Hi there, congratulations! I heard you and Amanda blogging about getting in and wondered why I hadn't heard, but it turned out they got my email address wrong so I got in too! Will you go and see it? It's too far for me... Well done for getting both of your pieces in to the show, and good luck! Sara

  2. I'll bounce that 'congrats' and 'good luck' right back at you! And donning my best oscar nominee voice I'd have to add how thrilled I am to be involved and being in the show is the most important thing.... but unlike the academy award nominees - I really mean it! I have no delusions of award glory.

    And no - I won't have the chance to visit either (too far for me also....) and now that I hear your work is included, I'm twice as sad - I hope someone goes and posts some nice pics.. somewhere...

  3. Just love the "herstory" piece absolutely gorgeous !!!



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