Wednesday, June 10, 2009


PHEW! I'm flat out trying to get everything done before I have to head off to uni in a couple of weeks time - I've got soooooo many bits and pieces in various messy stages of incompletion....

Question: what do you do when you are so over committed you can't tell which way is up any more?

Answer - well you spend the long weekend taking a book making workshop with the amazing and (I can now confidently add) delightful Caren Florance of Ampersand Duck

WOW - I've come home refreshed and recharged (and now another 2 days behind schedule..... ahh well it was worth it)

Apart from checking out her phenomenal work (of course I was too over-awed and entranced to manage to get a shot or two - bummer!) - the best bit of the time was just listening to her chat about all things booky (PS I learned all about the Lifeline book events in Canberra - oooooo so excited)

here is a taste of some of my thingys from the 2 days.....

.... but my favourite activity without doubt was learning about coptic binding.... looky here's my first effort....

I'm so pleased I could burst!

I thoroughly enjoyed the meditative process of binding... I just wish I could have taken a pic of all 13 of us sitting huddled around Caren (far enough away from each other to not render our nearest neighbour blind via a wayward sewing action - the beginning threads used for coptic binding are extraordinarily LOOOOONG). Check out Caren's pics and thoughts on her visit over at her blog....

here is my favourite piece of the weekend - (no it's not mine....) the covers are discharge-dyed velvet - isn't it lovely!


  1. I just read about it all in Caren's blog and then found it in your blog too - were you responsible for one of those yummy-looking cakes...? I'm doing Caren's Sturt Winter School course in July precisely because I want to learn how to do Coptic binding -can't wait! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Hope you're warm! Sara

  2. oooh thank you Sara

    I'm sure you will LOVE learning coptic binding with Caren - I think there is something so very satisfying about learning and applying fine craft skills - oh and I'm just imagining the loveliness of learning at Sturt (wish I could go..... )

    and now for my confession - the cake was bought (baking is just NOT one of my fine craft skills!)


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