Friday, January 30, 2009


I don't know about you, but I love peeking at other people's book collections (can't help it!) - and after days of searching and researching I've finally found a way of sharing some books from my library here on the blog- have a look in the side bar there - I found LibraryThing and my but an interesting thing it is too.

it's far more than a nifty widget - LibraryThing allows you to create a catalogue of your books, then to sort/edit book information, rate books, write reviews, find other books based on your catalogue, connect with other book lovers and all around have a marvellously booky time!

so a lot about LibraryThing felt like home to me - particularly when I came upon this line on their site:

'LibraryThing cares about books, not about SELLING books.'

It's not ideal - I won't be able to catalogue many of my books -as most of mine are old dears and LibraryThing's main data link is amazon... click on one of the cover pics and you'll see what I mean....) and even when I can list it in LibraryThing, often the cover art is not available...

still it seems nice to share some of my whacking huge book collection (even in this limited manner)

oh and if you click on the 'my library' part of the title you'll be whisked off to my LibraryThing catalogue - I've added a couple of comments here and there to some of the titles...

hope you enjoy the peek!

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  1. I also use Library Thing (isn't it wonderful?) and I thought I would mention what you can do if you can't find the cover you want. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan the covers of books that you can't find and upload them to Library Thing. Or you can use a default cover, or just make do with a cover that doesn't match the actual book you own.


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