Friday, January 16, 2009

gallery visits

I did the very touristy thing today of visiting some of the local galleries (with my friend and fellow artist Jeni) - we headed south and towards the coast - there are many fab galleries on the 'back road' from Bermagui to Tathra

for the first time I managed to visit Ivy Hill Gallery - the gallery of Ivy Hill is part of a lovely old home, set high on a hill - on coastal farming country. I really enjoyed the work by Sara Freeman on exhibition at the moment (in a group show)

just a little bit down the road we stumbled onto a lovely little studio with a fantastic garden (and a great eastern water dragon to greet visitors!)

And a few kilometres further south is Narek Galleries - the building is of course an old church (look at that architecture - there are a number of churches in this area that look just like this.. lovely proportions!). There was a great ceramic exhibition on show - with work from Janet De Boos, Kirsten Coehlo, Bronwen Kemp and (ohhh geez I've forgotten the other artist!). Jen (being a ceramic girlie) was in her element - Janet was one of her teachers - and she loved the new work. Me, I was more taken with Kirsten's delicious delicate bowls... so pure and unadorned... very nice!

We popped over to Bilyara Gallery (this one is on the coast road between Tathra and Merimbula) Yes there is a building in that there bush setting... and here we enjoyed the diverse range of arty bits on offer

It was a great day - we ended up in Bega for the opening of 2 shows (but I'll have to tell you about this next time...I'm all artied out right now)

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