Saturday, July 9, 2016

'all the....'

At the risk of boring folk who connect with my bits on multiple platforms
I thought I'd share with you a recently completed project
(I've already shared many of these pics and info on insta and farcebook)

here is the first booklet from the 'all the....' series
based on work from the LookUP project

'all the sixteenths...' 

(all finished)

here's where things began...

like many of my book projects --- this project started with teeny tiny scrap paper models....

it took a few scrappy bits until I hit upon the form that I thought might work

   its a variation of a pocket concertina

then slowly

 I move from tiny models to larger more detailed versions.... 

folding folding

thinking thinking




trialing paper choices

much more careful folding ...

then slowly the final form emerged....

'all the sixteenths' from the LookUP project

 concertina booklet with pockets and paper covers 

folded from Magnani Vergata Avorio 145gsm laid paper

contains 12 offset print picture/poems/postcards from the LookUP series

 from the 16th day of each month in 2015

The postcards slide in and out of their little pockets 

that reveal the picture on each while hiding the poem

The pocket concertina form encourages the viewer to remove the picture/poem/postcard,

to contemplate the image/words

and to reorder the postcards in the pockets
so they form new narratives

a paper band holds the concertina closed and also acts as the title of the work

'all the sixteenths...'
is the first in a series of 'all the...'
folded concertina books for the LookUP project

mind you -- you may need to wait to see some more:
it takes

F....O... R ... E ...V ... E ... R

to fold each one of these!


  1. Love the way you have done this.

  2. Love love love these Ronnie - all the sixteenths such a wonderful notion! Folding is beyond belief tricky with these is it not? and I love how the push hides the poem - a great result. Not editioning by any chance????

  3. so, this is what comes of looking up! wonderful!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx