Monday, May 23, 2016

an emerging series...

It all started innocently enough...
I had some old books, 
I wrapped them with some neutral cloth

bound, bundled, swaddled, crossed

  and set them out as gifts...

thinking about knowledge and place...

the series emerged...

a book bound with various materials
(here its a very long kikuyu runner)

and then set out

accompanied on insta with a philosophic musing

(of sorts)

so now I'm binding books an all manner of ways with all manner of things...

I'm even taking books with me

to seize a bound book moment

why not drop over to my insta space
to check out the offerings



  1. It's just so lovely when the muse and you take a wander - and look at the goodies that appear. What a lovely ramble and meandering yet purposeful bunch of works!

  2. Oh how I love a good series and yours are always some of the best!
    And this one is no exception!!
    Of course I will always swoon at "wrapped" and "bundled" ;>))


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx