Sunday, November 9, 2014

books in the garden....

In the post this week
was my bit of paper from Monash Uni
(that Master of Fine Arts is now officially in my hands)

I celebrated by pulling out my book towers
and placed them permanently in the garden....

when you walk into our place now
there - off in the distance
is a tower of sorts...

  (my dear old bimmy-boy is unmoved by towers in the distance
- he is an old hound and he cares little for the whims of arteeeests...
wise hound)

there is it - one half of
pulvis et umbra sumus - 'we are dust and shadows'

perched on a pear stump

the second tower of the work is tucked over in the shadows of the front garden...

 (and you can spy it in all its charcoaled glory from the other side of the garden bed too..)
view from the front verandah

(if you click to embiggen you might be able to spy the two towers....
as well as four of the six hounds)


tomorrow the local garden group is coming for a visit

so we have all been busy making everything neat and tidy

and I have been creating a few other surprises for the guys and gals too

here's a wee insect hotel I created for the local mini beasts...

(the wasps loved the look of the work so much -
they were already checking it out while I was still constructing it!)

oooo goodness - is that the time?
I have so much still to do!

(I have a separate local interest group
coming to visit my studio tomorrow too

I'll show you some of my other garden projects in the next little bit

right now the paths need to be swept,
and the wheelbarrow needs to be moved,
there's a ladder to put away,
and the vegies need to be watered
and... and... and...

oh no! the chooks haven't been fed yet!



  1. love the garden and your towers, especially the charred one! thanks for the preview!

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful Ronnie and great to see the towers outdoors, works very well. Enjoy your visitors and congratulations on that final piece of paper!

  3. your garden and home looks lovely and the book statue fits very good in the natire

  4. Ooh, wonderful garden, Ronnie! I especially love the towers , and even more especially the charred one. The photo of the Rose was so good I reached out to squash an aphid or two - then remembered my 'do no harm' policy, just in time. And I love your hounds...


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx