Monday, November 11, 2013

not seen...

I just realised that although I've packed up my show and moved out
I haven't shown everyone one of the most substantial pieces
of my 'codex' project
(even though it was the smallest piece in exhibition - 
it was one of the largest in terms of time, process, concept and content)

allow me to present for your delectation

a few page spreads from the artist's book 

carpe diem

(the final version)


 no you're not going crazy - you've actually spied different version of this

emerging over the past year


two red bookcloth artists proof mini versions

the BAO edition version


the three variations on a theme 

(one ended up a finalist in the Libris Awards,
one ended up a finalist in the National Book Art Prize,
and one is still rattling around on my supervisors desk!)

all of them are a little (or a lot) different

all stem from my weekly art gestures of 2012

all rely on QR codes and smart devices,

all are hand bound

and all of my trials were leading up to this beastie (bestie?)



  1. Bravo! I've been following your progress...and loving it. Don't always comment due to time constraints.

  2. so this is where it was leading…or at least where one path was leading! grand, ronnie.


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