Tuesday, February 12, 2013

carpe diem - an AP*

*AP = Artists Proof - but of course you knew that

what you probably don't know is that before my BAO edition of 12 'carpe diem's

I created 2 (slightly bigger, slightly different) APs of the title...

with delicious red bookcloth covers

title page - gouache with ruling pen

'carpe diem'
archival digital prints, gouache, ink
on TH Saunders

190mm x 200mm

I must admit - I prefer the slightly bigger, red bookcloth versions of the title BUT material and time constraints were against me (ie - I didn't have enough bookcloth to cover the 12 smaller books!) soooooo... we do what we must yes?.... ps - One of the 'carpe diem' APs has just returned home from its long stint in Bega Valley Regional Gallery where it was a finalist for the BV Art Award  (which this year focused on print media and craft... yay!). 


  1. Gorgeous! And the border of red book cloth really sets of the interior pages nicely. Congratulations on having the AP chosen as a finalist for the BV Art Award...

  2. Congratulations, Ronnie, great to be a finalist. I really like the red covers against the beautiful white pages. I think Carpe Diem is an exciting work and I'm thrilled to have a zine version.

  3. I'm not surprised it was a finalist for an award. It looks most impressive! Both editions will be amazing, no doubt.

    A now-departed, dear friend who was once my art professor told me long ago that the secret to successful artwork is to make the mistakes look intentional. It is advice I've kept in mind many times over the years...


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx