Tuesday, October 23, 2012

spring garden...

Although the calendar marks the beginning of spring on the 1st of September
spring doesn't really arrive here at the creek until sometime in October...



acanthus and borage (and garden statuary)

 sweet pea

 floribunda rose

in the raised beds the winter vege are coming to an end and setting seed 
- and bare beds wait for spring seeds to emerge

rather than waiting for the ground to warm up 
this year I'm raising many seeds like tomato, eggplant, chilli and capsicum
in pots on the verandah

we have made a start on a BIG new garden project
(more about this as it emerges)

and an old favourite bursts into leaf...

acer negundo 'kelly's gold'
gives a vibrant lime blast to the early spring garden

"If you have a garden and a library, 
you have everything you need. "




  1. beautiful .... and the perfume would be wonderful too!

  2. What a bursting colour spring, how beautiful to be surrounded by this amazing landscape!
    Gorgeous garden, super gardener/photographer, artist!!!

  3. Gorgeous, Ronnie! Just the motivation I needed to get into my 3 acres of dirt and waste high grass!! x

  4. A gorgeous garden ronnie, and now I now where allthose borage flowers come from!

  5. Can smell the sweat peas from here Ronnie... and love that Protea!
    Fascinated to see what you are scheming up... and yes... a garden and a library ... Cicero was onto something!

  6. so strange that you're on this end of growing...here people are pulling late veggies, maybe sowing rye or stuff for winter/cover... and i'm harvesting the last bits of color for my colorations.

  7. you are moving into your spring and we are moving into our autumn.. with much rain and wind and coldness.. so I appreciate your beautiful floral images..

  8. Great Photo's I love all your pics! WHat camera are you using ?

  9. hiya miss wendy - I have a couple of cameras - but for the blog and certainly for my weekly 'art gesture' work - I use the i-phone with hipstamatic app..... thanks for dropping by!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx