Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A change is definitely in the air...

spring dawn

manchurian pear blossom

plum blossom

baby mulberries

winter flowering daisy 


yesterday I had a visitor...

a flock of yellow tailed black cockatoos (in the grevillea robusta)

(what a tail!)

I'm thinking about the spring planting in the garden, 
having a brief rest from all the study, study, study that has consumed me
(before the last big push to complete the MFA next year) 
and some of the big and small changes ahead...

mmmmm nothing like the promise of spring to get the sap flowing again!



  1. I agree, we had a flock of 50 black cockies the other day, BUT the dreaded hay fever has hit with the strong winds we are having, making walking Max and doing anything outside a miserable experiece. Drat.

  2. gorgeous pix ronnie ..the colour is wonderful!

  3. change is in th eair here, too. lovely tail.


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