Friday, June 15, 2012

the long haul....

It is cold and drizzly here at the creek 
 perfect weather for inside work by the fire...

my very long book is growing longer and longer 
as the days are getting shorter and shorter

 the long book is currently over 4m in length -
 it still fits in my mother's little suitcase from the 1960s
(but not for much longer) 

In two days time I will be taking this suitcase 
(along with my other cases of clothes and books and work)
on my annual loooooooooooooong road trip to university

its a long haul 

 in every sense



  1. enjoy your road trip Ronnie. The long book looks fabulous. So much work.

  2. Oh! All that teasing and then the final photo...magnificent!

  3. Ronnie, your long book is magnificent. Travel safely and have a wonderful time at university.

  4. The book is looking great. Do you have a goal in mind for its length, or is it more a time-based project? Hope you find your time at uni supportive and stimulating. xx

  5. 'all will be revealed in the fulness of time'

    --- one more sleep until I have to hit the road.... not looking forward to the big drive through the big woods - but it will be nice to see some of my arty mates at the other end.... soooooooo... drive we must!

  6. enjoy your uni time! book looks great Ronnie.... just want to pick it up!

  7. WOW!!! This is absolutely FABULOUS! And I love your "art gestures"! Thanks for following my blog, Collage Journeys; now I'm following yours.


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