Wednesday, May 9, 2012


guess what?
this is my 400th post

yep its the double bi-centenary!
(what a week of celebrations)

to everyone who has dropped by here over the 400 posted thoughts
I've got to say a huge TARRRRRRR!
(sams creek for 'thanks') 

 and to everyone who has sent kind thoughts 
in person or in other mediums over the last few days for all the 'other' momentous things
more thanks on thanks (tarrr tarrrr!)

I feels the lurve

On my studio open day I printed a heap of little tags on the C&P
to give to the kiddies at the school....

ps if you'd like - I'll send one to you too (its just a little something)..... 

and for a couple of you, my bloggy friends, 
how about I send you one of my little limited edition zines - like this or this ?

or how about

one of these?

drop me a note

rhonda.ayliffe [at] gmail [dot] com

and 'something' will be wheeling its way to your door 
in two shakes of a lambs tail**


updated update!

today - thurs 17th I'm popping an armload of envelopes in the mail
 with tags and zines about to fly off to far flung places - 
from Iceland to America... and just down road
(hope those who got their postals to me in time enjoy the teeny tiny treats)

** in the off chance that I'm inundated by requests 
I suppose I should put a teeny bit of fine print here saying 
'limited to the first 25 respondents'

there. done.


  1. Congratulations on the 400th post milestone, and thank you for sharing your world and art & etc highlights!
    I hope I am one of the first 25...
    Anything YOU choose to send my way, I will treasure it!!!

  2. you anna are number one!

    (ps as I have your snail mail details you don't need to email that also)

  3. me, too! me, two!
    i love reading what's up in your world, from kids to book and all in between.

  4. Congratulations ronnie on your double bicentenary. Would love a little 'something' of yours. Hope I'm one of the first 25.

  5. Congrats, Ronnie. I'll have to show this to bro in law later as he was fascinated by your "flower" book (the "Learning Absences" one)
    Good luck with all your future open days!

  6. Hi there Ronnie, congratulations on 400 posts, so many start blogging and fade away fairly quickly, I admire those who stick with it and go the distance. I love reading about your Art and etc...and congrats also for your open day!

  7. Congrats all the way around!

    Btw, I have a few book arts-related Google alerts set up and the other day one showed up in my box with a link to the announcement for the new Sams Creek Book Works. Made me smile!

  8. I would so love to have something you have made! The UK seems sadly lacking in book arts - we have some wonderful book artists but nowhere near enough!
    Congratulations on your opening - looks as if you are set for sucess!

  9. hey ronnie, congrats on the milestone! love from the fungal south...

  10. Happy 400th blog post,I love reading of all your doings.

  11. Oooh, me, me! I'd love one of your tags, Ronnie. I am already the proud owner of one your map flowers AND a zine so I'm not going to be greedy! Congratulations on the opening of Sams Creek Bookworks and your 400th post... Sara xxx

  12. Hi Ronnie thanks for sharing life at the Creek and in the art world with us for 400 posts - most appreciated and may there be many more.

  13. Congratulations Ronnie!
    I have been reading Book Art Object for the past couple of months since discovering it via Carol's Barnacle Goose blog & came here today via there with great serendipity as my partner Old Man Crow's 65th birthday is coming up very soon. Glen Skien of the Silent Parrot blog has kindly let me buy one of his Mytho Poetic crows from his last exhibition and now I see your fabulous letterpress :You.Rock!! tags which would be perfect (he's a muso) so I will e-mail you my snail mail address & hope there is one left!
    BTW you rock too!
    & how are your paper feathers going?

  14. Congratulations Ronnie, I remember first coming here to a conversation about koala surveys, ticks, and finding the right location without a' been great reading your blog and I sense you have a lot of fun writing it too.
    Have a great mothers day in that glorious autumn sunshine. I look forward to enjoying more of your writing about art & etc!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx