Saturday, July 16, 2011

rotary book fair haul...

Guess what I brought home from the latest Rotary Book Fair?

Yup - its boxes and boxes of BOOKS!

4 sets of encyclopaedias, one box of old science textbooks, one box of law manuals,
one 22 vol set of 'Australia's Heritage' (published 1971)

one box of weird and wonderfuls...

(the mind boggles what I may eventually do with/to this WaW)

(drumroll please)

2 big boxes of 'supermarket' romance paperbacks

(ooo the excitement!)

these little puppies are destined for a bit of...

then they'll get to go on a road trip to Byron Bay
(Writer's Festival here we come!)

watch this space for a sneak peek

(if you dare hee hee hee)



  1. Laughing!..Will enjoy seeing what you do with the romance novels :-)

  2. Wow! what a haul! Now I see why you live on a rural property and not in a unit in the city - storage!

  3. Dairyman Don has me swooning. What a find! I feel your excitement over all your new treasures.

  4. Great find... hope you have a big shed.

  5. Looks like all the ingredients for a fun time - the Billionaire doctor and the ordinary nurse - sigh. Our local Library now gives us all their great hardback encyclopaedias etc on their way out our shed is gradually filling. Do you think its a disease?


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