Monday, June 6, 2011

piercing... binding... starting...

 Today I started piercing some of that massive pile of cut, folded and bundled book sections.....

I made a little project-specific book piercing cradle (with thanks to this wonderful 'how-to' post by paper chipmunk)

I thought that it might make the job quicker and easier - although I love the way this simple book cradle works, for this fiddly job, my old way of working (with a piercing template aligned inside the section and a board on my lap, I pierce through the template and the section at a 45 degree angle with my pin awl) seems to be more comfortable.....

I AM going to make a larger version of that cradle one day though!

At last this big project is really underway.....

I have lots and lots (and lots) more encyclopaedia pages to cut and fold and bundle and sort (and pierce) before I can really dig my teeth into this baby - but I've got enough white sections sorted out from the bunch to make a start (and that means when I head off to uni in a couple of weeks time I'll have a project to occupy my fingers....)

ahhhh its good to add piercing and binding to my list of slow winter work....

(yes anna - this is going to be a very very very VERY 'long' serpent book - I'm expecting it will exceed 5m ... but the end is months away... anyone want to put in a guesstimate for the final length and finishing date? I might take bets!)



  1. I have been revelling in the unravelling of this story Ronnie -most enjoyable. I think it would be fun to have a "guess how long and how howl long it takes" kind of things - but it would have to be a secret from you!

  2. Hi Ronnie-- I'm so glad you found the instructions useful! Thanks for letting me know, and for the kind link. I've made the cradles in a few sizes myself, my favorite being a small one that I often use for piercing minis cut from disemboweled library discards. There seems to be a slight kindred connection here, perhaps? ;-) I look forward to seeing how it goes. Your pics of the bundles awaiting binding are impressive!

  3. Congratulations on your dedication to this project. I've been following the sequence avidly and am amazed by your focus. Your effort will undoubtedly be rewarded in the end.

  4. This looks like incredibly slow and demanding work Ronnie... but I guess you find your rhythm.
    Cant wait to see the results!

  5. i was wondering if you'd tell us any more(!) about what this was going to become. you are a woman of enormous patience/perseverance and that is totally wonderful.


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