Sunday, May 1, 2011

autumn colour....

It's a glorious autumn day on this May Day here at Sams Creek
(today is also National Permaculture Day dontcha know!)

my garden is only starting to don its autumn finery.....

and I'm disappointed that I had to postpone the Grand Opening of Sams Creek Bookworks as the weather right now is AMAZING! (autumn is without doubt my favourite season) the days start with misty mornings, the sun comes out for nicely warm days (comfortable for all activities), there are few vicious winds or storms.... mmmm delightful!

(I'm not the only one enjoying autumn in the garden)

Today I noticed an amazing fungi in the garden.... 

 I don't know very much about fungi 
so I have no idea what this one is called (or anything about it) - but isn't it fabulous!
(if you know about this one I'd love to learn more about it)
mmmmm its too nice to be inside ... 
I'm going outside to play!


  1. Hey Ronnie, those colours are gorgeous! And that fungus is really strange: I don't know anything about it but I wondered if it smelled bad? It reminded me of one of those fungus 'flowers' like Raffelesia that stinks! Sara x

  2. di just emailed me a note - she says the fungus is a stinkhorn (so you were obviously thinking along the same lines sara!) .... she said they are 'terrible smelly things which collapse in a slimy mess, attracting flies'

    great di I'm looking forward to that!

    they are so interesting though don't you think? and even if they get horribly smelly and attract every fly in the district... (I love learning and discovering new things about my home... and look its all you folk from far far away teaching me...)

  3. Stunning Autumn beauty Ronnie - it's a beautiful time of year I think. We get those weird fungi at home as well and they just turn to mush - enjoy!?!

  4. Hey, Ronnie. Gorgeous photos. I'm just about to post some Bega autumn love;) Lewi thinks the fungi you found is called Devil's Fingers. Pretty cool looking fungi!

    Hey, I know you're not opening your studio now until later in the year but is there any chance we could visit this term? Even if you'd prefer not to have the whole homeschooling group...just us????


  5. Gorgeous, almost lurid, photo, whatever it is. We had something like this in our Sydney garden and it did have a most awful smell as it 'ripened', but I was still very excited to have it in the garden. Isn't autumn wonderful!

  6. There are so many lovely coloured funghi around. Love your photos Ronnie.

  7. Amazing funghi Ronnie ... at first glance I wondered what had be burnt....
    enjoy the autumn...its even been cooloer up here!


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx