Wednesday, November 10, 2010

first things first.....

I've made a positive start on those promised book models (see attached hint pic below)... and I've started an attempt to write up a how-to .... which of course created my latest bloggy dilemma....just where does one begin when discussing basic book-binding bits?..... at the moment I'm tempted to go -

in the beginning there was a big bang.... then there were dinosaurs..... then mammals... then humans.... and then there were BOOKS!

but from there wellllllll.... I've realised that in order to discuss some of my book-type makings I need go over some other basics first.... like a few terms, tools, materials, and what-nots ....

take paper for example (mmmmmmm p-a-p-e-r....... i looooooove p-a-p-e-r... I will happily take ALL the paper I can carry...)

(I have 2 large map drawer sets chock-a-block full to bursting with p-a-p-e-r....)

As I've been making my models (and wondering about how to write a 'how-to' post for each) I was also thinking about how I came by my arty education - I was remembering all the things folk have shared with me over the years - staring with my Nana A, who taught me the value of good materials (she bought me my first set of artists quality oil paints and hogs bristle brushes when I was 7 years old...) and the value of good techniques ('fat over lean darling, fat over lean'..... 'ok nana'). When I was 11 Moria Van Hout taught me to spin and to touch type (weirdly,  two very useful arty skills... that typing skill secured me a design career.... ha!). I had fantastic high school art teacher (I'm talking seriously fantastic) Pip C gave me a love of design (and I think inadvertently set me on the road to calligraphy....) and Pete Otton (aka Mr Rotten haa haa haa) gave me a life-long love of art history and theory (I did extra art theory for my HSC - what passion! what madness!) and a love of big bright colours (Pete is a really fab artist as well as teacher..... he paints realistic, hyper-colour acrylic landscapes..... and damn are they good!).  In between high school and the rest of life I spent a year studying art privately with another terrific local painter/sculptor - David King - who taught me (among other things) the first things you really need to know about paper and a love affair was born (with paper of course!)..... and after all these folk - then my REAL arty education began (but I've already told some tales about all that...)

anyhowdy - I owe a great deal to all these lovelies.... and when I (finally) do get to post my booky basics stories - it's from these (and other marvelous makers) that I'll be drawing from....

here are some of the book models I'm making right now..... it's so satisfying playing with paper
(mmmmmmm p-a-p-e-r....) I'll be sharing a post alllll about paper in the next bit.....



  1. It sounds so therapeutic Ronnie - and the little models are looking delightful and friendly. Looking foward to the how-to's!

  2. Gosh, how much fun are you having?
    Have I ever mentioned to you that I'm related to Peter Otten? And to Jane from BAO... that valley's pretty small :)

  3. Ooooh, Ronnie, I think you're taking us all on a wonderful adventure with paper. Those models are very tempting. You do find ways of keeping up your adrenalin levels, don't you?


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