Saturday, August 7, 2010


(these everlasting 'paper' daisies are indigenous to sams creek -
this beauty is growing wild in the paddock
it's flowering now right in the middle of our winter..... very cheery!)

Yesterday I had my first stint as a 'guest blogger' at another spot - this spot to be exact - its art-mind, a lovely arty blog whose home is half a world away from our little sams creek..... so I'm giving my little aussie wave to various folk who have stumbled over to here from there.... and perhaps some of my usual friends might like to check out my guest stint (lots of fun for all the family). I'm always amazed by the generous folk I've met here in blog-land.....

Thanks Mitsy at art-mind for letting me come on over to your delightful blog and play for a bit......
I hope I haven't scared too many of your usual blog visitors with my vistas of burning books!


  1. Hello Ronnie, Thanks so much for doing a guest post at my blog. I'm so happy to have 'met' you through opening up my blog for guest posts.
    When I saw your art for the first time, I know I was blown away by it. Please keep creating beautiful things and well, if you do have to destroy books for that cause, it's a good cause! :)

  2. Love the daisies: what a beautiful shot! I'll have to check out the other blog... Sara x

  3. What gorgeous scraps of sunshine those everlastings must bring to your paddocks. I'll check out your guest spot too.

  4. Hi Ronnie,
    I’ve found you via Artmind, what an amazing guest post and stunning artwork you have shared, thankyou. You and Anka certainly have set the bar high with the first two guest post. I am working on my first submission for Mitsy and must admit to feeling more than a little intimidated by your posts!!

  5. hey there Kylie! so nice of you to drop by

    I hope you have as much fun 'guesting' at artmind as I did - I figure every(bloggy)one has their own style or way of doing things - and no one way is better than any other way - so I humbly suggest you just be and enjoy yourself as you write your artmind bit..... cheers r x


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx