Saturday, May 8, 2010

a whole lotta blogginess....

Whenever I have a few minutes up my sleeve - you know the sort - not long enough to sink your teeth into a meaningful bit of work.... too spotty to get into the garden.... too good to waste on stuff like housework - (yeck) I like to follow the trail of blogginess to see where it may lead me. I start out at a nice blog and then follow post links or sites on the blogroll to see what I can see - its always good fun (even when you stumble over a true horror!)

Some of my fav creative-type places this trip included -
scissors + paper rock!
little jane st.
tam's little illustration diary
ink and wit
the habit of being
and my fav of favs.... information is beautiful

(no doubt I'll feel compelled to add one or two of these to my blogroll sometime soon - I couldn't resist adding this pretty one already...)

but I think I prefer stumbling over farm/garden-type places like....

farmhouse musings
the good life down under

ahhh they're all a bit of fun in their own way!

I think as I stumble around I keep hoping I'll fall over the definitive site - one that inspires and delights, uplifts and educates, shares my multiple and diverse loves and passions on one site and constantly adds great new stuff...... and as I wander I also get to wondering about my own little place in the blog-world...

I suppose its not by accident that I've been roaming around the blogosphere - given that I've been pressed into service (joyfully and voluntarily mind you!) assisting with Living Artist Projects (I was 'volunteered' to set up their blog and fb page..... hey did anyone out there catch the living artist short doco on oz tv ABC1 a month or so ago? what a hoot!) oh and I'm still plugging away with my other bloggy projects (including art--and--about and something I've not mentioned here - my designated HDR project blog, codex infinitum... but I'll talk about that again another day....)

and also for another day will have to be some more of my circular booky bits ....

for now its time for me to get outta here and get on with things!!!!!

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  1. I do that too!I am also guilty of hitting 'next blog'jjust to see where it takes me. sometimes its a bit scary. Love you book again.


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