Friday, April 23, 2010


such excitement at my kidlins school this week - whilst preparing the site for a new classroom builders uncovered a pristine aboriginal axe head - of course when they realised what they were looking at all work ceased whilst an archeologist was quickly consulted..... who without too much trouble immediately uncovered a seed mortar and several tool shards.....

I was up at the school this morning to take in the giant sweet potato we grew in the garden for EJ's news (as you do)

(our monster sweet potato weighs in at over 4kg... the kindy kids were suitably impressed)

when I stumbled over the archeologist and the axe head (wow!) it turns out that such is the importance of the find that the school is about to be declared a 'Significant Aboriginal Site' on the National Register and apparently an archeological team is about to descend upon the school to see what else can be found - ahhh well it taken more than 35 years to get a new building at the school (don't get me started on how crappy the state or federal governments are when it comes to education..... or the 'building the education revolution' aka 'building the most expensive buildings in the history of education'....insert much eye-rolling now) ..... so a few more weeks won't be a burden for the kiddies to bear - and given that a significant proportion of those kiddies have aboriginal heritage - I hope it works out well for everyone. (p.s. I wish I had my camera with me to show you the axe.... but I wasn't expecting to run into an archeologist on the way to the classrooms!)


  1. Will you still be allowed to have a school on the site?

  2. welllll

    given that the school has been perched on the site for almost 150 years - and has buildings almost that old..... which are themselves heritage listed.... I can't imagine that the kiddies will be getting an unexpected holiday anytime soon!

  3. wow !!!(twice) your sweet potatoe is wonderful. and exciting news about the finds.

  4. That is amazing and wonderful for the kids to experience. But I'm still reeling from your sweet potato photo...which from the thumbnail I mis-took for a stomach! Yuck! So glad it's not!

  5. haa haa - I hadn't noticed the sweet potato's similarity to a stomach (until now!!!!) ....goodness - now I'm going to have to extinguish THAT vision before I can cook it up and eat it!


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