Friday, March 5, 2010

sculpture on the edge....

and I feel like I've gone over the edge!!!!!

oooooh my, oh my I'm about as beat as I ever need or want to be

this has been a C*R*A*Z*Y week - including a trip to canberra ('collect this pallet of books now or else'!) another hasty one to bega ('collect these books now....' oh, you get the picture) an overnight stay in kiama for a zone swimming carnival in dapto (our boyo has only just started swimming club..... and here we were 8 weeks after he swam his first 50m freestyle swim taking him to the southern area primary schools zone carnival - he is now officially the 26th fastest 8yr old in 18 districts or around 200 primary schools.... how can this happen?)

now were was I - oh yes.... after getting back to the creek last night I had to scramble this morning to get 3 sculptures down to bermagui for 'sculpture on the edge' - 2 small pieces (ars gratia artis & serpens volumen) and a new large encyclopaedia-based piece tha I'd been trying to finish whilst all this craziness was going on (and I killed a drill in the process)

here's my sculpture on the edge large work (I'll maybe tell more of it when I recover - right now a piccie will have to do)......


Rhonda Ayliffe
'Excubitor' (the sentinel)

2 sets world book encyclopaedia, cement plinth
in situ - 'sculpture on the edge' bermagui headland 
(with gulaga mountain and cloud cover in the background - a wonderful site!)

righto - so after I had my large and small pieces sorted I had a 'fire' sculpture to complete for the festivities later in the evening.... and the clouds were gathering.... but before I rushed back to sams creek I managed to quickly have a look around the large works on the headland - here a very, very, very brief tour....


karen charlebois
a collection of 'weedy' works in steel


murray ambler


philip spelman


michael snape
'upside, downside'


ken hutchinson
'falling man'


senden blackwood


jenni yamuna bruce
'coastal pair'


richard moffat
'screw up'

and my favourite....


'beatle' collins
'bermagui bombora'

I just love this piece - in real life its much larger than this pic would let you think - its quite easy to stand under the 'wave' crest.... and don't you just LOVE the site! every work looked wonderful with the ocean and mountains as a backdrop

righto - so then it was a mad scramble back to the creek and back to work.... quickly finishing off a piece to be set on fire later on.... and of course a quick look at the radar showed a large lump of rain headed our way.... I estimated it would arrive just in time to make the open air festivities rather damp (and yep - it did)

We got back down to bermi to set up around 5pm - nicely in time for the arrival of rain.... still I set up the piece - made from defunct ACT legislation (funny stuff!) - i.e. - made from paper...that was getting damper and damper by the second - and the fire works were scheduled for after dark (after my nervous breakdown more like it)

FINALLY it was deemed time to try to set the (now very wet) works on fire

I didn't hold out much hope... (so I didn't manage to get choice pics - I mean it was actually raining whilst this was burning and I was trying to get a pic)

but I didn't end up looking a total dill after all (IT BURNED!!!! and that's the sass - hands in the pockets of his newly earned representative swimming hoodie in the background looking so totally impressed....)

well - time for a nice lie down and a cup of green tea (or a bottle of something much stronger!)

I'm now officially - TOTALLY BUGGERED (hey - can get a rep hoodie for that?)


  1. Jeeze, Ronnie! For this effort I should think you'd deserve a full track suit.
    Terrific site and sculptures.

  2. Blimey... congratulations on achieving all of that... makes me feel tired just thinking about it! Sara x ps, yes, the site is beautiful and I enjoyed your pictures of the other works.

  3. Well done Ronnie! Hope you can rest up now. The fire sculpture looks great and the burning of books is a thought-provoking act, even if it is just old legislature. Thanks for the quick tour of the exhibition.

  4. Great blog Ronnie. i love your sculptures -such a simple, poweful and visually beautiful idea. Well done!

  5. thanks everyone

    yesterday was a glorious day - beautiful autumnal weather - and jan (the organiser of the event) told me the crowd was HUGE up on the headland. (I spent the day lolling around on the lounge... after a big dose of fizzy mulitvitamins I'm now feeling recharged) Today (sunday) the rain is really settling in - not great for outdoor sculpture sight-seeing - but I think it with an umbrella it could be delicious

    I'm hoping to go back down to bermi over the next couple of days and photograph some of the other outside works and I've just wrangled permission to shoot some of the small sculptures that are exhibited in the hall(there are some real delights in this mob)- so hopefully I'll have some other things to share soon


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx