Friday, February 5, 2010

rainy days

I'm so very excited that I've been forced to remain indoors - maybe for days and days and days as the rain (finally!!!) come bucketing down here at the creek  - I'm posting all my rainy day pics at my sams creek farm blog site - but the relief and excitement is almost overwhelming that its hard to think of anything else - or do anything other than watch in wonder as the wet stuff keeps falling

I started making myself a (hopefully) lovely art journal yesterday..... here's where I'm up to....

I've completed the bookblock - its a fairly substantial A4 landscape format with about 16 sections - longstitch sewn over tapes (the paper is just simple archival cartridge with ingres is meant to be a utility booklet after all!)

but it's just raining too hard for me to get from the house to the studio (about 20m from the house mind you!) to finish it off today

and isn't that simply the most MARVELOUS NEWS!

OMG it is simply BUCKETING down here right now - I wish you could hear the torrents of rain on my corrugated iron roof!


  1. Oh Ronnie I am sooooooo happy for you - the wonder of it all. The noise, the joy, the glee, the hope - just fantastic news! I think, worry about the walk to the studio another day.


  2. Fab, fab, fab! It was pouring here for a couple of days last week and filling the water tanks, and I was thinking guiltily of you with no rain so now you've eased my mind! May you have enough rain to fill your tanks, water your fields and satisfy your beasts - and not so much that it erodes the soil, washes away your access road or does any of the other nasty stuff of which it is quite capable... Happy Rainy Days! Sara x

  3. Hey Ronnnie, isn't it wonderful. The sound and smell of rain is no longer a forgotten memory. yeah,yeah,yeah!!!

  4. Greetings Ronnie,

    I just had a look at the pictures at the other blog and i can certainly understand the importance of rain.

    We have been in a drought for three years and for the first time our lakes are beginning to fill up. There is still a need for more, but at least it has made a good start.

    Congratulations on making your own sketchbook.

    Warmest regards,


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx