Friday, January 8, 2010

this year is going to the....

Goodness is it the second week of the new year already..... wow every year seems to get faster than the previous one.

This year I'm preparing myself up for a rather frantic time of things

After 3 years of hard graft and part time study (which didn't feel part time to me or the family...) I completed my Master of Visual Arts. Now any sensible person would breathe a sigh of relief, maybe give themselves a small pat on the back and get on with the task of LIVING. I've never been accused of being sensible. Sooooo of course I applied for and have been accepted into full-time study – still with Monash University this year I'll commence a Master of Fine Arts which hopefully I'll convert at the end of this year to the first year of a PhD (or Piled High and Deep as most seem to refer to it... I think it refers to the fact that your time, brain and finances are now totally PhuckeD)

hmmmmmm not such a bright move I suspect – given that our youngest is just starting kindy – and given the drought in this part of the world, our financial situation is.... now what was that word I used to describe the condition of my time, brain and student debt......

we'll see if I survive the coming year... I do have a few ideas to keep us afloat over the coming year:

* sell excess farm produce (but given the lack of water it appears our only excess is dust)

* offer artworks for sale  (what a novel idea.... I've been making artworks to collect dust under the lounge)

* open the studio (for tours of dust and cobwebs)

* throw myself on the mercy of family and friends (most of whom are just as dusty as us)


well, this seems a good time to share with you a couple of those works from last year (presently collecting dust under the lounge) that I've been promising and promising (and failing) to post!

This is actually one of the earliest pieces from the ongoing series 'Codex Infinitum'

ephemeral sculpture/ photography 
origami boat constructed from discarded encyclopaedia page -
launched on a (now dry) spring bordering the Kooraban National Park 

edition of 10 with 2 artist proofs

I have this piece and info on my NAVA profile, but I thought it was quite the right moment given the extended drought to share it here.

Happy 2010 ya'll (here's hoping for an end to this bastard of a drought)


  1. Oh Ronnie! I wish I could email some of this rain!It's been bucketing down and looks set to stay for a while.
    This country is so harsh to so many.
    You are brave/foolhardy/optimistic to take on full time study! Good luck, kiddo.

  2. Ah Ronnie, the drought is a bastard. I hate being down here and hearing of all the rain everyone else is getting (and I'm not a farmer). I can only imagine how you guys feel and how tough it is.

    You are such a motivated person. A PhD - where do you get the energy? does that mean you'll give up teaching - hope not, I'll miss you in at the factory. (I got the HT Admin job - so I've got another agenda as well!!! lol)

    Please post some more images soon - Your photos are great. See ya soon Jane.

  3. ahhh thanks for the wishes of emailing rain (what a fine idea...) and friendly support (see - even if they are dusty they always come through) a big CONGRATS to you Jane on the position - we simply MUST catch up over the hols - you know how to get a hold of me (and ummmmm well I'm not as organised as you are!)

    in fact count this as an open invitation for all the BOA folk - if you're in the area my gate is always metaphorically (if not physically) open - I'd love to think that you'd feel free to drop in!

  4. Thanks for the invitation, Ronnie, very generous, especially considering your drought. So unfair that we are getting so much rain still.

    I'm very impressed that you're going for the PhD, I'm sure you'll do it, you seem to have boundless energy. And good to see pics of more of your work - keep it coming.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx