Tuesday, December 8, 2009


ooooooo such excitement here at the creek – I collected my mail and looky what I picked up.....

it's the latest edition of Artlink magazine – volume 29 edition 4

if you turn to page 21.....

its 'scientia inflammatus' (knowledge on fire) by lil' ole ME

ooooooooh * faint

yes I knew my work had been selected for this edition – but I didn't give myself permission to believe it until I saw it in print ….. now I'm a believer!

Before I dissolve into a gooey puddle of drivel I've got to send out into the blogosphere a very big THANK YOU to my Monash Uni Masters supervisor for the past 2 years - Julian - who made me aware of the call for works relating to climate change and urged me to send something in for possible publication – who'd of thought this would make it through the selection process!

Here is the work (shrunked in size!) when it's not a dodgy photo of a print of a photo.....

Rhonda Ayliffe - scientia inflammatus (knowledge on fire)

Its a part of my 'codex incendium' series of works – to date I've only shown a couple of bits from this series. This was the third of my burning book towers – ephemeral sculptural works documented as digital stills and HD video.... (I know I still haven't shared the video....yet.....I will....eventually... somewhere....)

right now I'm just basking in the glow..... its a nice way to end to my 3 years of MVA study at Monash.


  1. How fantastic! My copy turned up today but I haven't opened the covers yet (I save these things for quiet moments, hence they lie unread for daaaays... but I really enjoy them when I get round to it). Now I can say, "I know Ronnie, who is in this month's ArtLink Magazine". I shall bathe in your reflected glory - well done, you! You've produced some brilliant work for your course so you thoroughly deserve it. Sara x

  2. Congratulations! Now that really IS exciting.

  3. thanks for the kind words guys!

    I WAS feeling sort of 'ho-hum' about completing my MVA - it was kind of 'is that all there is then - what.... no ticket-tape parade then?'

    having one of my bits included in the climate change edition just at this particular moment, is a great (and unexpected) honour

    as is the support of fellow artists such as yourselves - its much appreciated

  4. oooo and I meant to add - I did snort and cackle somewhat at the 'bathing in reflected glory' bit sara!

  5. Congratulations - well done and well deserved. Those images are magic. Hope to see you soon. Jane A


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