Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a twist in the tale

The whole Sams Creek mob (that's FP, Sass, EJ and myself all crammed into the hatchback) returned to Jindabyne and the Lake Light Sculpture event to pick up the 'ex' - and this is how I found it...

fab isn't it! - the folk of the show there were rather worried about how I'd react - but I was choffed that the audience got involved in the event and tried something for themselves - well done anon!

This is a version that I've fiddled with at home - but chose not to set up this time - my thought was, if I go to the hassle of putting a spiral in the work, no doubt within half a heart beat someone will move the books just a smiggen and throw the aesthetics off completely. And I have always thought of the work as a pillar - a tower of books - not unlike a skyscraper - and was keen for everyone to view it as such...

I'm just a minimalist and purist at heart really

but it was great seeing the piece like this (FP was betting that it would be torched at some point during the event... which was something that I would have liked to do myself - and you'll have to return to see if I get around to it now that fire permits are not required)

I was equally surprised and pleased to see how well it held up in the weather - there was a solid downpour on the saturday night - and all that the work showed for it was a very slightly warped volume 1 (up on top)

I have some rather subversive plans for 'ex libris' and I'll post these as the year and the work progresses.

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  1. I like it twisted it round, although I also liked it very much as a stacked pillar. It's really cool that you like the fact that someone had the courage to do it! I just know that I would have thought about it but not had the courage... Sara


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