Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I love banksias.... I really do! - I love that they look amazing in flower or as seed pods... even the leaves are wonderful... This is my Banksia menziesii - at the end of winter the small tree still has flowers appearing, as well as previous years seed pods

The B. meziesii I must say is my fav. Banksia - probably because its the most successful in my garden... I also have some ericifolia (incl. dwarf form) , robur, integrifolia, spinulosa (incl. dwarf variety) and baxterii - and hope to squeeze in a few more in the future...

I did a monster load of research last year on banksias as lead up to my stint as guest artist at Coffs Calligraphers 2008 annual exhibition 'Botanical Rhythms' - some of that work ('Words & Meaning' 1 & 2) has headed off to Calligraphy Southscribes show 'Inkspirations' at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery - opening this weekend.

One day I'll have to write the whole story of what I discovered about the banksia story here on the blog - its fascinating (well to me anyway!)

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