Thursday, July 17, 2008

chandler & price letterpress

The lovely story attached to this letterpress is...

I received a phone call spring last year -

Jim W: 'hey Rhonda - do you want a letterpress?'

me: 'um - ok'

Jim: 'ahh good - can you come up and grab it now - the bloke who wanted it in queensland just figured out he can't get it in his shed.... and now it's blocking my driveway.... save us!

me: 'um.... PHILLLL!!!! (enter long suffering husband with the flatbed 1 tonne ute)

(cue rain and broken crane... swearing long-suffering husband and very very steep and slippery driveway)

but we got the beast home

The thing weighs a tonne (I mean seriously - it weighs a tonne - we had to man-handle it into the studio using rolling steel tubes... it's not going anywhere - ever again!

and just before Jim left the district he raced down to Sams Creek to give me a quick run down on how to operate the machine..... I remain a rank amateur - but in the spirit of the term - I love the beastie and the process - and look forward to getting to grips with the whole deal

just in case you were wondering.... its a chandler & price clamshell letterpress - gorgeous isn't it?! and you can't see how messy the studio is from this angle!

see - here's the side of the lovely creature (is it ok to love a machine?....) you still can't see the mess of the studio...

did I mention that along with the press Jim gave me (seriously - GAVE ME - as in FREE!) not only the press - but a glorious chest of type, boxes of bits and bobs and basically everything needed to get the creature going... here's some of the delicious type..... mmmmmmmm - yummy!

and now for a very artistic shot of type...

all pics in the studio today taken by Brian Ayliffe.... yes he's my dad...


  1. Wow, this is so awesome! I love the photos so much, and the idea of the press is just delicious. There is this thing inside of me, since I was a little kid, about presses and publishing and paper and so forth ...

    This post and the photos rekindled all those wonderful feelings.


  2. thanks firefly! hope the new pic of me at the press encourages you to indulge in those childhood fancies...

  3. Wow - very impressive! What a Herculean feat to even move it!! You deserve to have some great joy.....


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx