Friday, February 15, 2008

nexus sells at sturt gallery

doesn't the title say it all?
Nexus is the piece that has been on tour with the Meroogal award (it received 2nd place - quite a hoot really - it's the first time someone from my neck of the woods pulled out a prize of any description in the award since its inception - and its an unusual award) I didn't think the piece had much hope of finding another home other than mine...

much needed good news - on the bad news front, my mum was diagnosed with acute parkinson's disease a bit over a week ago - oh it only took our pathetic health system 3 years to come to this diagnosis - a couple of days earlier she was discharged from hospital... again... with the inference that she was a neurotic old lady with nothing better to do than annoy young registrars..... guess which daughter was ready to eat young doctor alive????

anyway - back to nexus - you can check out a nice pic on the meroogal website (much better than is on my website) - link (hopefully) is above... or here also .....

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