Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just posted on book art object blog how today has been a good day - I've been hard at it in the studio  working on one of my BAO edition 2 pieces.... (about time I can get back to making stuff! phew all the work/worry of the farm takes its toll!)

here are a couple of sneaky peeks of what I'm up to...

'paper wrestling' inkjet print proof...
 typewriter text

very sneaky peek of how these bits go together
(oh it's a tricky pic all right... giving very few clues about how this actually appears... hee hee hee)

I'm aiming for quite a large (for me!) edition - 25 books and a couple of artists proofs.... that way I'll have enough for each BAO recipient (8 or is it 9 peeps?), one for the poet - Claire Beynon, a couple to have as gifts, 2-3 for exhibition duties (I'm thinking ahead....  our first BAO experience showed me how important it was to have at least one book set aside just for this purpose).  The remainder (if I have any!) I'll offer for sale.

I'm hoping to get seriously stuck into things now that I've worked out all the details (I've already completed all the inkjet prints, typewriter text and prepared many of the paper signatures.... I'm on a roll!)

Now if I'm REALLY clever I'll get this first piece finished and photographed to offer for selection in Books... Beyond Words (evolution) book arts award .... by the weekend (gulp!)... And in the coming weeks I'll get the whole edition completed.... well that's the plan...



  1. Well done you - looks intriguing, interesting and wonderful all at once. I am hoping I can at least nut out my edition whilst sitting on the tiwi islands avoiding crocodiles and cyclones! Sent off an entry today with metal books for the awards...another interesting episode no doubt! Go well and enjoy creating; it's such an antidote to the rest of the chaos, madness and stress.

  2. Ronnie this looks great. I don't know how you keep it all going - and cows too!

  3. I am so much impressed with you!
    Creating and being involved in the running of a farm at the same time!?!?!?!!??!?!?!??!
    Can't wait to see it completed; I know it's going to be GREAT!

  4. Ronnie, it's looking really good... interesting... mysterious... Can't wait.


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