Monday, March 28, 2011

big day on the farm...

It's been a monumental day for everyone on the farm.....

today was the first day of the new dairy....

(I spy Sass and EJ hiding in the wash room - checking out all the excitement
I spy the Very Big legs of the Very Big girls! )

I am quite tired - it's been a stressful day, week, month, year!

And now the real challenge begins for me:

How to integrate 
my passion for this land,
my whole-hearted belief in permaculture as the only way to operate a farm,
  my desire to impart in our kidlins a sense of loving respect for animals and land,
and to juggle all the different aspects of my life (art, garden, study, farm, KIDS)
with my farming man's need to MAKE THIS NEW VENTURE WORK!

(oh boy)

** I have posted many more pics and the complete tale of the first big dairy day here



  1. Ronnie, if anyone can carry off this juggling act, it'll be you. xx

  2. As a city girl, I'm not sure what the conflict you're struggling with entails (is it as basic as cows wreck up the environment you're trying to preserve?)I do know that it's so hard for us westerners to hold two seemingly opposite ideas and allow them just to be. I get a tight twisting in my chest when I struggle with this sort of thing, but it's kinda getting less the more I sit with it. So I've been thinking maybe it helps to just let the opposites be and see if they come any closer on their own, without the struggle. Good luck!

  3. as long as it doesn't split you in half, it will be fine. you have already taught your children well and right, it's you who are struggling most, i think. use your art to find your way.


thanks for all your lovely comments - your words are greatly appreciated xx